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So im just gonna post pictures of delicious buds. Smoking weed and listening to grindcore to me just go hand in hand, so I guess I am on topic. im a drummer though, so I never play high, I wait till after the gig or rehearsal. It has become so much a part of my life that I do not want to imagine life without it. Next post is gonna be full of grind, though, for all of you non-smokers, just skip this one.

Hype strain, apparently its just OG Skunk. They now call it cheese. Inaccurately named, doesnt taste, look or smell like cheese. Excellent weed, skunks are my favorite.
They usually use this weed to make hash, which is a total waste, cuz this shit is amazing. Afghan Kush.

Chronic. This shit is a big deal apparently, very mystified strain. Has a nice high to it, tastes like medicine.

Grew some of this shit, had a buck twenty on it. Northern Lights, a basic strain, really reliable, you can get used to it though. A friend of mine had it cosistently, it was much stronger than the shit I grew.

Chemo Grizzly. Used to get dime bags of this siht and smoke it in a boiler room, until we saw stars and felt like we were gonna pass out. Light green in color, strong distinctive taste and smell.

Almost grew this weed once. Kinda sad that I did not. Kush strain, lots of fun. Orange Kush.

The most average strain of all. If I had to pick one strain that has everything in it, it would have to be this one. Big Bud, from Canada.

Medical shit. This one is sour diesel, its good shit, clean high, lots of active cannabinols.

Original diesel. Tiny, autoflowering plants, really neat.

Great white. I knew a guy who had eighths of this shit, it was retardedly expensive, but it would fuck you up. Tastes piney.

This bud actually tastes sweet. Its called juicy fruit, and it is really good, nice light high, bred more for the smoking experience. My buddies would eat little flakes of this when we picked up, it annoyed the shit out of me.

Hindu kush. Kush strains are very kind, lots of fun, you can smoke em all day long.

Super silver haze. A big deal in the states, haze has a high unlike any other bud I have ever smoked. Its totally unique, very tangible, very, well, hazy. My friends favorite strain. Fells good, man.

A friend of mine grew this shit. Marci can attest, this weed is like a psychedelic. White Widow.

The best weed around. Super Skunk, I love you. This weed will make you sleep its so heavy. Very unkind.

Folks used to swear this was the best weed around. Its Jack Herrer, which is awesome weed, but I am more of a skunk guy. It is really physical, like you are doing drugs.

Kali mist. One of the best experiences of my life was smoking this shit on a rooftop in New York, I was very young, getting into grindcore, smoking a shit load of weed. I was in the beggining of a legacy that spawned bands, records, friends, court cases, and this blog.

This weed is too strong. This is called Durban Poison, it tastes really really strong, and it is like posion, makes you cough your ass off.

This skunk is so skunky it tastes like lemons. Its called citrus skunk, and its some good stuff.

Don know much about this weed, have never smoked it, but it looks pretty. Its called brainstorm, probably really heady like.

This bud smells almostlike garlic. It is too strong. Real fun to grow.

This is one of those holy grail weeds, called cinderella 99, its good stuff but way overrated. Looks like cotton candy, though.

This bud is called champagne, and its aweird one. Really nice high, makes you feel al good inside, makes the world seem jnreal. Great for social occasions, you could smoke this shit and then talk to your family, and they wont know a thing.

Blueberry. Really fruity weed.

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