2010. augusztus 3., kedd


I'm sorry, I didnt posted for a long time, cause i thought mark will sometime finish his megapost, so you guys will be infested with goods, and now there it is below this post.
i have traded/bought some nice new tapes and 7"s, if i get the chance, ill rip them.
lets dive in.

first of all this is a demo of LITTLE PRINCESS, an all-female grind band from san francisco. as i read on the net they split up, too bad. this is an EP from them, really nice stuff, short and pissed songs, i like the vocals and the guitar sound really much. the interludes like clapping, and a japanese woman talking are just adding more to the funny but really pissed off feeling somehow, in my opinion. song titles remember me of japanese hardcore bands like BREAKFAST and ROMANTIC GORILLA, which are awesome.

the second shit is from PETER MANGALORE. this is the reason why i love power violence. fast, pissed off as hell and straight forward. no bullshit, no talking between two songs about what you think, only a kick in the guts from the music. even the first song called 'disqualified as a human being' is already so fucked up and pissed it hurts. the sound is a bit sterile for me, and i dont like triggered drums, but its still awesome.

i have no good music left for a while, and cant write that much right now, but ill share some zines (sorry foreigners, only in hungarian), review them, and blahblahblah.

first of all is ANARCHISTA ÚJSÁG, which simply means 'anarchist newspaper'. ive got issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7, sorry no 6, although thats my favourite number. these zines were made in around 91/92. usually nice cut n paste style, i love the layout. the theme is - you've guessed it - anarchism, squatting, politics (mostly hungarian), blah. if you get the chance, find someone to translate it, its a nice zine.

next up is one of my favourite punk zine from hungary, SALAK (means something like 'waste'). it was made by bassists/vocalist of the almighty ANOTHER WAY, Gida. the zine is all cut n paste, about punk and faster music, some thoughts, reviews, etc. usual stuff, but it a really good style. check it.

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