2010. augusztus 20., péntek


So this is a French grindcore band, Blockheads, they have remained relatively unknown, even though Osmose records carries their shit, and they are signed to Bones Brigade. They have like a million CDs, but I only have these two, courtesy of my singer Gabika. Both of these CDs have 20 songs on them of very well recorded, but very strange sounding grindcore, with weird song structures, just really hard to get into, but worth it once you do. The songs are kinda long for this genre, 20 songs are 37 minutes long on Human Parade, but by Shapes Of Misery, the same amount is but 26 short minutes. Still kinda long, but better.

They are technically proficient, and have quiet a bit of metal influence, but they are a grind band. They have a split with Mumakil. I am not too big on this type of grind, but these guys take the fucking cake. I mean, holy shit, the speed is amazing, and the blast beats are literally non-stop.

The first one, Human Parade, its not as good as the second one, its slower, more melodies and less blasting, although the blasting is pretty much constant on that one as well, but the second one, Shapes Of Misery, man, non-stop blast. Seriously.
Lyrics are about human rights abuses, left wing political stuff, anarchism, apathy, protest, concentration camps, and fear of where the world is headed. I am always a taker for those kinds of lyrics, they are like a positive version of Ulcerrhoea's lyrics. Not bad, eh?

This is Human Parade.

This is Shapes Of Misery.

Also, I am gonna include some old shit I got off of some trades I made with a German guy back in 2001-2003. Since one of the two cmments on this blog invovled some displeasure about my goregrind post, I am gonna do the right thing and offer up a common point that all of us can agree on. That is Gore from Brazil, who are a dirty, filthy, distorted fucking mess of a gore band. I love the way this record sounds, and the fact that there are no polka riffs on it. Just blasts and garbled noise and nonsense. Also, long irritating intros. Almost a noisecore band in my opinion.
This is Consumed By Slow Decay.


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