2010. augusztus 5., csütörtök

A Study In Goregrind Using This Shitty Compilation As An Example

I am going to make this short, and as sweet as the Nebula Haze that is right above this caption. When asked if I like Goregrind, all I can do is kinda make a face, and say, "weeeeelll...."
Its not like I dont. Dead Infection are one of my favorite bands. I could listen to Last Days Of Humanity for an entire year, and then still go to a show of theirs (if they were playing shows outside of that one reunion gig in the Czech Republic). Ulcerrhoea's early demos give me a boner, and Gore from Brazil can, under the right circumstances, make me come.
However, everybody thinks that goregrind is Rompeprop, who fucking suck, CBT, who are boring, slow, and really a fucking polka band, any band with a drum machine (except Lymphatic Phlegm and Dysmenorrhic Haemorrhage) can kiss my motherfucking ass, and porno grind is, for the ,ost part, a bunch of bullshit, sissy ass 16 year olds who are bored, living in a western country with too much time and freedom on their hands, jerking off to the sickest internet websites money can buy. And money can buy some sick shit, as we all know.
That is where this ocmpilation comes in. It sucks. It deifinitively shows you what the state of goregrind is today. NO more Squash Bowels or Malignant Tumor, just drum machine bands, porno grind bands, and bands that generally sound like polka being played by the T-Rex from Jurassic Park. But wait...Pulmonary Fibrosis, a band that has always ruled, will always rule, and is one of the fastest, sickest grindcore bands around, is on this comp! And they play new tracks, something they never do. And wait, there is this other band on here, Magistral Flatulence, who although have porn intros, play 5 untitled tracks in 2 and a half minutes, and it is good. And that is what goregrind is like today. So the next time anyone asks "do you like goregrind" as much as bands like these two make me wanna say yes, and as much as the other 5 make me wanna say no, I can only go

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  1. i have to object to your critising of Rompeprop and Cock And Ball Torture...and to be honest, the whole goregrind scene as a whole...to say Rompe sucks, is completely absurd, and CBT is boring? huh? are you sniffing glue? CBT were a huge influence on everyone, as they should be, and they deserve respect...polka band? that has to be one of the stupidest things i have ever read! (you must have watched some shitty youtube video) futhermore, im not some 16 year old douchebag, whacking off to piss porn, and living with mommy and daddy...im 31 years old, i whack it to lesbos, and rent my own house, so your generalization of the 'typical gore/pornogrind' fan is a bit off in my case...and if you're gonna write about bands, at least spell their names right...its Malignant Tumour (with a "u")...and Magistral Flatulences (with an "s")...i agree that goregrind isn't what it used to be, but its people like you that don't understand but pretend that they do, that are part of the problem...and when people ask me if i like goregrind, i reply "fuck yeah! you mean you don't?!"...if you are embarrassed to admit that you like goregrind, than you are an embarrassment to the whole goregrind community and should get the fuck out of the underground now