2010. szeptember 24., péntek


Whats up, folks? It's been a while since my last post, and Marci was not helping me out here at all, and I had a million things to do. Raisng a kid, playing in like 88888 bands, had some gigs, have an upcoming gig with Melt Banana, which should be fun, its in this ritzy ass place, too. Never thought I would play such a ritzy ass place with my crust/grind band, or any other band, really. But whatevs, business will be taken care of, asses will be handed back to people on silver plates, and I'm gonna get to see Melt Banana. That's pretty good. (Since I wrote this, another week has passed).

So instead of boring you with the trivial details of my life, let me begin my 3-part apology by first saying that I think you are a wonderful human being. Secondly, I appreciate that you come to this piece of siht blog, to listen to my and Marci's crappy music, hear our rantings and ravings and carryings on, be insulted, and still come back for more, but I guess that's what people like you are into. Thirdly, I'm gonna make it up to you. Why don't you slip on out of them clothes, if you're wearing any, relax, and listen to this shit I gotta say. Yeah, you like that, don't you? Who is your favorite blog?? Whaddaya mean KTGA????

Well, I guess they are a lot better than we are, so whatevs. By the way, I am honored to have a piece of vinyl that I am actually on, playing my crappy drums, appear on KTGA!!! Find it here.
So, on to the music.

This first thing is Count Basie, the perfect make up music. It's called a portrait of Count Basie, but it does not have his best shit on here. This man played music actively and recorded shit for more than 30 years. All of it swing, but, wait, I don't like that shit either, but give this a listen. It will make you feel good. Touch right where you need to be touched.....mmmm....yeah, like that.
And again, for disc 2.

I like to post a bunch of different kins of blast beats, to satisfy a wide array of your filthy perversions. Here is some really weird shit from Italy, called Corporal Raid, they call themselves xenomorphological goregrind, its pretty twisted shit. Its like, teched out riffs played really sloppy, with the drummer playing extra fucking fast blastbeats, but so fast he cant keep up with himself. For those times you like it fast and weird and sloppy. Which I know you do.

Anyways, this is for that dark side of you. This is the best that death metal gets. It just does not get any better. This is slow, granted, but really painful. Sound quality is not abysmal, but it's not good, not by a long shot. Might be my favorite death metal record of all time. Corpse Molestation is the name of this band, and Descension Of A Darker Deity, the name of the tape. Now learn it, slave.

For those of you suffering with premature ejaculation problems, here is this little number. It's all around the blogosphere, it is called Cogs and Sprockets, apparently it is a one man band, and none fo the songs n this demo are longer than like 25 seconds. They are all pretty cool though, kind of a novelty twist. For the premature and restless.

And for those tomes you like to get it rammed up there as fast as possible, with as little bullshit as possible, here is my favorite drummer playing with Brodequin, this one is called Festival Of Death, and it is fucking awesome, you know you need it.
If you also like to be verbally abused while at it, this is Cancer Kids 'The Possible Dream' and its a bunch of guys really, really making fun of hardcore and crust and grind people. Pretty ballsy, considering peiople have been stabbed for saying a lot les sthan this, and the music is like fucking absolutley awesome, super fast, super fucked up, neat little twists, waiting for the breakdown, too. Git it.
Bestial Raids. That is the name of a polish black metal band. In this context, it can be a euphamism for geting the dog in on it too. I have a demo I downloaded from undisclosed sources, it is raw and hateful and really like war/black stuff, and the album I own, check out the artwork, it folds out into a poster, there are like chains and gasmasks and shit involved, and there are like slogans to chant on the inside, about spirit flesh and entity. Not even kidding. Neither are they.
This is the album, this is the demo.
So the next one is also my personal rip, it is the Carcass Grinder/Fuck On The Beach split 7", and thank god I have a cd-r version, cuz I still can't rip vinyl. This is truly a master piece, CG are one of the most underrated awesome grind bands, if you liek grind, and you dont know em, or just dont have this one, do yourself a favor and get fucked. No songtitles included, pretty anonymous, dont you think? And while we are at Japanese things, here is more weird japanese shit, I got it off burning japan blog, it is the split between Poison Cola, and Blood Feast. It is sort of melodic, more punked out than anything else on this blog, and it is an absolute rager. I am only including it, cuz I heard you liek asians.
And sometimes you gotta do it for your friends. The band made me promise that I would not post this, but I will. They have a different singer now, they are a metal band, they play thrash. Metal guys. Gotta love em. This one is Concrete, firstd emo caleld Screaming Avenger. Headbanger.
Now a word form the classics. Mostly Hungarian folk I know, they dont know about Assück. I wanna correct that right now, right here. and give you their two best, Anticapital Blindspot and also, Misery Index. Yes, probably thats where they got the name. The band I mean.
Best US grindcore?? Maybe so, definitely the one I have heard the most, its like them, or Discordance Axis or Insect Warfare. If Cellgraft keep it up, they shall also be added to the list. And also, In Disgust, but first, Assück. They played in the nineties, and they rule, forever.
See for yourself, and shame on you.
This is some Hungarian folk music involving flutes. Thats kinda sexy, there are girls singing in em, all the songs are about like sex and death and social issues. It sounds like the descirption of a death metal album, but it isn't. NOt much to say, this shit rules, fi you dont like folk music, then fuck you.
Monotonous black metal. The split between Conqueror and Black Witchery, two newer school classics, they are both really awesome, one of them doesnt exist anymore, became Revenge and the other one is like, sort of in disarray. Conqueror is like chaotic and non-stop blasting, and Black Witchery is like fastcore tempo, and super duper monotonous. But its really soothing and relaxing, and really, really harsh, I always smoke weed to this one.
This next one I got off of am i mean? blog, the home of fast hardcore. This is some fats, psychotic german hardcore. Apparently it sone of his faves, and I see why. He does not seem to be updating lately, look whos talking, but he used to be super diligent, I hope everything is good with him. This Chorea and Asmodinus Leichtenhaus split EP. Its fucking good.
And this last one is Dismember's first demo. Few people know I like them, I am in love with their demos, although I do appreciate the later shit too. BUt this demo has the sickest vocalist, and in typical swedish fashion, they fuck everything up, become more melodic and kick the most talented guy, the singer, out of the band. He was fucking sick. The vocals are liek ghosts having sex, shrieking and cawing and weird the whole way through, lots of effects maybe, although I dont think so, definitely shit tons of reverb, though. Do it.

2010. szeptember 9., csütörtök

Black Metal, eh???

Since Marci posted about black metal last, I figured i'd run with it, and make it black metal week, for black metal geeks, here at the shrine of blast beat. I am not gonna post any of this new wave of black "metal" or black noise, or call it what the fuck you want. I am not such a big fan of it. I think it is well done musically, but in the end, its kind of just a joke. Black metal was, after all, metal. So I am gonna post what I think is good, and recent, or just needs mention.

First up is Proclamation from Spain, the least black metal place I can think of besides, like, Portugal, or Costa Rica. They play war metal, sounds like Blasphemy but with better riffs, and even sloppier. This is atrociously played, make no mistake, but the riffage is awesome, the sound and atmosphere are nailed right fuckin on. I have two of their CDs, and they just released a third one which looks exactly like the first two. Logo, black background, and a demonic skull with horns of some sort. Clearly these guys know and understand the importance of keeping it real. This second CD, pictured above, shows somewhat improved musical skills, although not really, and is more bestial, more war metal like than the first. The sound is somewhat crisper, but its still mysterious sounding, though.

This is their first one, Advent Of The Black Omen. It is sloppier than their second, and the sound is super mysterious, cool ritualistic intros, non-stop mid-tempo blasts, every riff is blasting, its kinda funny, actually, but I really am fond of this record. It is played terribly, and is terribly primitive, but in a good sense. Its refreshing, and fucking down right evil, hateful, malignant and belligerent in a number of ways. The sound is just so fucking good.
Next up is Holland's answer to the Svarte Sirkel crap, this is Bestial Summoning, and if you dont know them, and you like classic black metal, you are missing out big time. Contemporary to all of those church burning alcoholics in the North, these boys had the same idea, mimcked it off of the black metal scene, but did it better than 99% of them viking folk. This shit fucking rules, the vocals are absolutely tortured. In fact, when a friend of mine lent this to me, the first I heard was 'The Dark War Has Begun', I swore the vocals had effects on them. So he sent me their 'Live In Vernay' stuff as well, and I must say I was wrong. I included both of them in the same zip, so you should not have trouble ith that. A good way to judge a band is to look at their logo......
Holy shit, a demonic goat, a half moon, and 666, all in the same logo???? Also an inverted pentagram? Shit all they are lacking is an up turned crucifix, and we would be in business. Also, take a look at this frontman. When was the last time YOU had sais as part fo your stage performance, huh, asshole?
That is classic black metal stuff, skinny, geeky white kid with face paint and sais. This is what its fucking about, not this avantgarde black noise stuff. Although I actually do like that stuff too. Its just taking yourself seriosuly, I never liked that about black metal. Anyway, aweosme music for you, RIGHT HERE, BUDDY.

This next one is actually sick, it is very difficult to listen to, and disturbing on a level that very few things in general tend to be. This is one of those albums where, after listening to it, I felt ridiculously depressed and totally disassociated from everything. It had a very profound effect on me, it made me feel useless, miserable, a waste of time, and that nothing matters, and everything sucks. I believe that is the purpose of black metal, and this stuff achieves it, even if it is not quiet straight up black metal. It has elements of doom/sludge, black metal, grindcore, death metal, dark ambient, power electronics/noise, and is the sort of music you could not play outside of a studio, ever. This was also posted on Cephalochromoscope, but this is my rip of the CD, which was generously lent ot me by Alex of Krupskaya, who likes this kind of crap.

This last one I am sure is suppossed to be taken very seriously and is supposed to be very insightful and revelatory, I think it is just the funniest shit ever. Called black drone by followers of this pathetic genre, it is just noise, of the intellectual variety, not harsh, just bowed chellos and double basses, and low frequencies with a guy mumbling half intelligible stuff over it. Wolfmangler are quiet fun to listen to, and they have this werid wolf concept going on with their band. Its fairly awesome. Absolutely no drums at all on this one, nipping the possibility of blast beats in the bud. LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF.

2010. szeptember 8., szerda

unholy punk

some people could say black metal is dying and getting evolved into something hybrid. or you can already say black metal is dead. i dont want to rant about the whole fuckin history of black metal, if you dont know it, shame on you, dont tell anyone, use wikifuckinpedia.
since ildjarn's punky black metal albums were revisited by some, it became popular to play and listen to really raw and noise black metal for some reason, which im happy for, because i cant stand slow and flowing black metal that much long (okay, flowing black metal with barely fast tempos are ok).
i didnt like usbm before i met the term 'youth attack black metal'. since mark mccoy loves noisy black metal, he started to release some really nice records and tapes from bands you dont know shit about.altho i hate the silly term 'YABM', i use it, cause its nice to label things, aint it?
so back to this amazing band full of beautiful men. theyre from california, and had bands like NAZI DUST and DIVISIONS, which i both love. this is pretty much all i know about this band, beside that theyre awesome. their stuff is all around the internet, you can find their demos on every notable black metal/black noise/ya hardcore blog, so its not a big deal that ive posted them i think, altho i felt the need to do so. my instincts told me, you know. so, feed upon my actual favourite new black metal punk band's three demos.

demo I :: demo II :: demo III

also, heres a nice little compilation simply called PRIMITIVE NORTH AMERICA. it is actually a podcast, which features bands from these times from north america (how ironic), only really noise and raw punky black metal shit. the cover is one of the best artworks ive ever seen, im fully all over these kinda stuff, hahaha... features bands like BONE AWL, ARTS, HAXAN, DEATH'S GRINNING HEAD, etc. just perfect.

complete setlist:

1. Bone Awl – By Ropes Through Dirt (CA)

2. Ancestors – I (NY)

3. Grinning Death’s Head – Subhumans (GA)

4. Haxan – Witches Oath (NY)


5. Divisions – 04 (FL)

6. Arts – Thousand Wounds Of War (NY)

7. Cirrhus – 01 (WA/OR)

8. Horrid Cross – V (FL)

9. Akitsa – Affront Final – (QC)


10. Ride At Dawn – The one who sleeps beneath the frost – (TO)

11. Furdidurke – Untitled – (WA/OR)

12. Ash Pool – Dragged Down the Cobblestones – (NY)

13. Law of the Rope – Death Ballad (edit) – (CA)

2010. szeptember 5., vasárnap


So this is what I left out of the previous post.
This is the EP before the album of Dead Congregation. It is not as good as the album, which is amazing, it is however still quiet obvious that this is a superior band, and this EP is a stand alone amazing piece of work. BUt its just not as good as the album. This is what I first heard fo them, and when the album came out it blew this thing out of the water. However, it is much more lo-fi, which for this music is not necessarily a good thing. The only time you will ever hear me say this, I swear.
This next one si the legendary, very hard to get Social Coma self title. I dunno if this band made anythgin outside of this one EP, but I have not heard fo it. Which is a shame, dissonant, negative, fast as fuck hardcore, with some tortured, fucked up, explosive vocals, from ex-member(s) of Charles Bronson. This band does it for me waaaaay more than Mr. Bronson, and that is saying quiet a bit, for they absolutely ruled. But these guys bring on the weirdness and dementia and wicked evil stuff, anti-social, negi shit, so I obviously prefer them. I could not get a hold of the physical copy, so I grabbed mine off of a blog, possibly the am i mean blog, he seems to have everything fast and hardcore related. Once I do see this for a reasonable price, I will jump on the occassion.

2010. szeptember 4., szombat


So I have a wide range of albums for you on this post. I have every genre with blast beats included, there is some death metal and death/grind, of course ye olde style grindcore, with that gory influence, some crust, a power violence record, and even some old school noise/HC, better known as noisecore. Pretty much only gore grind, to whom too much of the past posts have been dedicated and black metal, who I will deal with in due time are left off of the roster. However, before I present them, you have to listen to me ramble on about some issues that pis sme off. Its like that drunk guy on the bus who gave you a cigarette, and now is talking to you about his bullshit ideas all the way home. Lets begin.

The idea used today by nations to justify themselves and to create a national mythos is one that was constructed by a select few people on the turn of the century. It was heavily influenced by what had happened in the Americas, and was constructed to justify the First and Second World Wars. This new idea of nationhood and of national purity was made so that, specifically Eatsern, Southern and Central Europe, which have always, and I mean ALWAYS been multi-ethnic and multi-cultural king or fiefdoms, would have to be smashed, re-regulated and bent over backwards to the status quo residing in the west, in France, England and the Netherlands specifically. This was done extremely well, and after this idea of nationhood, destructive from its very begginings, and a piece of crap ideologically speaking, has served its uses to its creators, Western European leaders, it is still lives on today, and people have internalized it as God given truth. The stupidity of people is indeed baffling. And all of you who are on the left ro right of any issue, are just buying in to the same idiotic, preconceived deception, that was made depending on where people sat in the British House of Commons.
We need to abandon this idea of borders containing an ethnicity. It has never worked in this part of the world. The Scythian empire, pictured above, is a mobile empire based not on genetics or borders, or "country" of origin, but based on language, shared cultural values, and whether or not you were accepted into the tribe. That is what nationality is. The modern problems of Americans resulting from "race" are just as bogus as the territorial disputes in the Balkans, the war between Greece and Turkey, the civil war in Macedonia, or indeed any conflict in those areas int he 20th century, barring a few exceptions. These places have enough food to feed more than just their own populations, enough land that there need not be wars of conquest, and enough history of people getting along, that to dwell on these recent atrocities and blame each other for them is beyond idiotic. I think we should all occupy all the land, and understand ourselves in terms of mobile empires. It is not a solution for world peace, but it is one that makes sense.

Now for the grrrrrrrrrrind. Ima get the death metalish stuff out of the way first, cuz that is what I believe the least of our readers like.
This band, Orchidectomy. What can I say? This stuff is totally inhuman, it sounds like its being played by aliens, or monsters or some shit. The riffs are very hard to sink your teeth into, technical, but strangely timed, not wankerish, just weird and spastic, insanely fast at times, really chugga-chug at other times. I put their album "A Prelates Attrition" and their promo stuff in one folder. By the way this band is probbaly the most guttural shit out there today, along with Copremesis, Wormed and Pustulated. Super fuckin inhuman vocals.
Next up is the godly Malignancy. Weirdest band out there, besides Portal. Despite the tough, death metallish gimmick and the fact that they are giant metal dudes, this is a nerd band. The songs are about gross stuff, medical anomalies, psychological tension and maladjustment in general. Some of the songs are about killing people. Its a death metal band, after all. One of the innovators of death/grind, a genre I am not that keen on. But this stuff, and a few others make it worth my while.

Next up is Necrovore's demo from the legendary 80s Texas scene. It is their only demo. It sounds so harsh, that many of you Disclose and Death Dust Extractor fans will shed a tear of joy, and the old school death metal genre will be salvaged, even for your type. It sounds like nothing else, I totally love this demo, although it is 4 tracks, and really friggin hard to get through.


This next one is also really fucking psycho. Masturbation (gotta love that name) is from Colombia and they play, like, i dunno, industrial death metal? Also frighteningly guttural, and the music is almost noise core, all you can hear is the hyper blast, it all sounds so tinny and distorted and fucked up, its a real mind fuck of an album, some mediocre riffs from time to time, but mostly just blasting and you cannot hear the guitar at all. Perfect for the nightly prayers of the blast beat worshipper. Smoke a fatty and you will pass out to this.


This next one cannot be fucked with. Dead Congregation rule, and this is their full length. Old school, cryptic death metal, with new school death metal drumming (courtesy of the Inveracity drummer), but almost like a death/doom album with blast beats. These guys probably dont smoke weed, they just dont sound like the type at all. Its apocalyptic, heavy, doomish, but gets frighteningly fast at times, it is pure fucking evil. Just a great album, set new standards for death metal, I am extremely pleased that I bought this for only 10 bucks form NWN! productions, although I got mine on CD. I am sure this sounds absolutely killer on vinyl, I will have to pick up a second hand copy of it from somewhere.

That is all the metal I have got. The next stuff is Dahmer, from Canada, gore influenced old school grind with some d-beats, tons of mid-tempo blast beats, awesome riffage, just a great band in any respect, awesome pig squeal guturals, dual vocal action with awesome shouts as the second voice. Really catchy riffs, although all the songs are very similar. They are good, though, I like em tons, and I want to present some of their more obscure stuff, since everybody knows like 2-3 albums or splits from this band, and they were much more prolific than that. They also had a bunch of lo-fi recordings, and these are the ones I wanna talk about.
First up, their 3 way split tape with Diarhée Mentále, also from Canada, and Carcass Grinder, for whom my love has already been professed. If not, they are one of the greatest grindcore bands out there. Pretty much it. DM sounds similar to Dahmer, but sillier and crustier, in some ways. They have cookie monster vocals all the livelong day. I think they might have shared some members. Anyway, tape is fairly lo-fi, Dahmer side still sounds good, though.
Next one is their demo, Dahmerized, which is like 3 demos in reality, one of them sounds good, one of them sounds aight, and one of them sounds super crappy. This is classic Dahmer stuff. Not much more to say, great tape from a great band.
Just recently a post was made on Cephalochromoscope about Parade Of The Lifeless, being their full length. Its good, but not as weird and noisy as their split with Dahmer. I guess Dahmer just brings the best out of everyone. POTL is like a noise band, kinda artsy, kinda grindy, sorta metalled out, really really weird stuff. And Dahmer, they play real pro-like on this one, one of their faster recordings, too.
The other piece of good old school grind is from a band that has been on this blog before, they are Jack from Hungary, and espite their name, they absolutley rule. This is one of their older albums, when they were way more crust influenced, its along the lines of the Step On It split, good stuff. The vocals arent growly yet, they sound kinda snoty and irritating, its excellent stuff, Levi is a great singer, and a hillarious front man. This one is called "Téged Akarnak" which means "They Want You". Its about the media and the military industrial complex. Excellent Hungarian grind.

This next one is Masskontrol's flexi called "Recycle Or Die". It is funny, and pretty much the only Masskontrol recording with a fair amount of blast beats. Nothing over the top, mind you, they are a crust band. This is definitely their fastest recording. I do not have a physical copy of this one, it is very hard to get, as flexis tend to be. I do have their LP, and I will be posting that sometime, but not quiet yet.
This is MK-Ultra. They are from Illinois, have Charles Bronson's drummer, and just released their discography on a beautiful double LP on Youth Attack! records. The moment they run out of copies I will be posting that as well, unless they tell me not to. I wanna get people to listen to this without paying a million bucks on e-bay for some vinyl. You can get that disco LP right here, by the way. The music is disonant pv/hardcore, with a bit of old, a bit of new, lots of really, really weird things going on. Song structures are very strange for me, unlike other bands. This is their best material in my humble opinion. Do not own a physical copy, but do have it on the discography LP, which is beautiful.
The last one is the noisecore stuff, really old, really fast, really sloppy, really awesome. Olho Seco and Brigada De Odio are both Brazilian old school noise hardcore bands. Brigada De Odio is basically a grindcore band, but way sloppier and really over the top with the noise schenanigans. Olho Seco are more of a crust/hc band. But also noisy. And fast. Brigada De Odio supply the blastbeats.

So Ima leave you to enjoy that. My next post will be shorter, and as I forgot some stuff here, its gonna be like an update post. Keep in touch.

2010. szeptember 2., csütörtök


the title sums it up really good. it means 'bloodshittycock' in hungarian, reflects the attitude of DIN-ADDICT, one of my alltime favourite bands. never heard of them? shame on you. theyre like one of the first grindcore bands from hungary who toured europe, played at obscene extreme fest (i guess in 2000 or so...), had a shitloada releases, and maybe even more line-up changes. i try to collect every single shit they had ever puked out from their digestive systems of grind, drugged out gory shit and most of all, pure noise. i try to talk about this band without too much childish fanatism, but it might be a problem for me, i adore this band too much. it has everything that i (and probably you too) need. shitty quality (on their later releases they went to studio, but sounds still very noisy and chaotic), sloppy blasts and d-beats, veryveryvery low tuned guitars -, sounds like a fuckin tornado of chainsaws! -,grows, screams, sometimes pitchshifted vocals (which i usually dont like, but this time i have to make an exception). i couldnt see the band live, i missed their later shows, altho i wanted to go, i still feel sorry i didnt make it. their best shit was sadly unreleased, a demo recording from 2005, ill try to beg for it at one of the singers who i happen to be friends with.
they split up due to personal problems. the drummer plays now in german crust-grind band PER CAPITA, the guitarist runs a studio called NOISE LAB, one of the singer plays in many bands (more experimental, druggy, industrial-oriented shit, called RONCSIPAR, FUTURE REALM), and i dont know shit about the other singer. after they broke up, they formed again under the name of LONG PIG, which they titled 'turbo sludgecore', with a different drummer from hungarian gore band MY FIRST KNIFE. that band was more into monolithic and i dont know how to say but 'cyber' grind. altho it wasnt cybergrind even a bit. so, some releases from these fine men:

the first shit is the OBLITERATE / DIN-ADDICT split, which rules. obliterate are a slovakina grind band as i know, but i might be wrong. the play a bit metalic grind stuff, too 'good' for my ears, i dont really like their stuff, but its nice to listen to it sometimes. the other side is awesome, loud, agressive, drugged out, pure din-addict. the last song is the best song on the album, period. describes themselves perfectly. grind going to some psychedelic stonerish stuff with gory vocals and some really serious atmosphere.

next up is the split with GRINDUSTRY from netherlands. too death metal for me. too techy. too many vocal skills, sorry, kill me for this, i dont like them that much. but as always, din-addict rules here.

the last shit is the full length of din-addict, titled MUSIC FOR OPEN MINDS, you can see an awesome picture of the cover up there, it looks like that. this album is typical din-addict. dual vocals, low, grunty guitars, sloppy drums, noisy as hell. end of story.

the last two stuff are a special combo from all the tracks of a side-project of the 'mid din-addict' members, called SZARGYEREK, which simply means shitkid, refering to all you fuckin annoying cock rock kids. drum machine grind, which i usually hate, but again, i have to make an exception. songs are about hatred towards teenagers in hungary. my message to all you dickheads: die. this is what szargyerek said to you too. both demos were released together on a double 7" by Undislessed Records, Skud Records, Toxic Productions in a split with Anubis, Critical Mass and Malignant Tumour.
Miért van ennyi megvezetett álrokkker Tankcsapdás köcsög?

thank you. marci. <3