2010. augusztus 23., hétfő

Death Of A Blog, Hatred Of Drum Machines, Love Of Your Mom

So the first thing I want to talk about is that Blunts and Blastbeats, the second best blog on the entire internet, is officially dead, has been removed from cyberspace, and there is only a hole in the matrix and a no longer exists warning by blogger where this excellent blog once stood. The guy who made it, I have never met him, he lives in the states, but I feel like, listening to his bands, and seeing his posts, like we were on the same wavelength.

All he would talk about is smoking weed and playing fast, which is essentially my life. He will be sorely missed on the internets, and if you are reading this, if you want me to take this stuff off of my blog, just let me know, man, and I shall, although you ahd it up on yours for free, I am just holding it down for you, now that Blunts and Blasts are offline. This is his straight up grind band called Epileptic Fit, he has some others, but this one is the best. The first pic is an older demo, the second one is the newer stuff, I prefer tht one, it is even more obnoxious. Includes a cover of Lucid Fairytle, which is like off of the best record on earth. This guy knows whats up.

This next one is a drum machine band. Yous hould know by now, I am a drummer and I despise the use of drum machines in grind. I have a few exceptions, but for the most part, unacceptable. This fine piece of work was made with a drummer machine by a drummer, and you can really hear the difference. The drum parts make sense, they are not the kind of shitty programming you generally see when guitarists use drum machines. This guy is a very capable drummer, he just chose to use a shitty drum machine, why? I have no idea. Otherwise the licks are good, midtempo punk as fuck goregrind. This is from Turkey, and its a two man operation.

This is the split between two of Hungary's finest grind bands. Its from 2005. Step On It are kind of a fastcore band, althought hey call themselves the all school monster. Which is accurate, all styles of hardcore are represented by them, but on this CD, its mostly fastcore stuff with that grind influence. Fuckin sweet. Jack are like the most straight up grind band in history. By the books, sloppy drumming, fast as fuck everything, the vocals are still not s good as Levi can make them now.. He has gotten really fucking sick. The guitars, sound wise and riff wise, I mean, straight up grindcore, the way it was meant to be played.

The last one I forgot to upload apicture of. I figured, the type of grind I have the least on here is death/grind, and one of my favorite bands, Pustulated released a split with this band form New York that we know, caleld Copremesis. Now, Copremesis is some other shit entirely, weird ass riffing, weird ass guys, plus they were straight edge, and played this crazy music, dressed up like sponge bob on stage, made self-deprecating comments about penis length, stamina and virility, and also shouted "standing is cool!" at death metal gigs. I remember seeing them open for Malignancy, Mortician, Wasteform and someone else at a Halloween show in Queens. Perhaps Internal Bleeding, they played every gig back then. So some time after that I picked up their demo, which ruled, and later I heard that they released the split with Pustulated, who are pure awesome distilled into band form. The drummer for Oustulated, Cpt. Killdrums is the best death grind drummer out there, plus the old drummer of Wormed. Hands down, no question. Other folks got his speed, but not many. Used to play for Brodequin, another staple of mine. Yeah, that fast, plus he got style, while these other folks, not so much. NO mechanincs here, nicely layed, jazzed out drumming that is constant blasts. I could go on. Im gonna make a post just about his bands one of these days.
But Copremesis. weird guys, weird grind, good stuff.
Here is the split.
And here is that weird ass demo of Copremesis with the unbelieveable vocals. It is anime influenced and called "Demonstrating The Fist". Really weird, goofy, nerdy stuff, you have been warned! They also have a full length dedicated entirely to transvestites out, called Muay Thai Ladyboys, but I will not put that up, seeing as how they probably want you to buy it. They put quiet some cash into it. Once I get permission from them personally, then I shall put it on up.
Therapeutic battery!

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So this is a French grindcore band, Blockheads, they have remained relatively unknown, even though Osmose records carries their shit, and they are signed to Bones Brigade. They have like a million CDs, but I only have these two, courtesy of my singer Gabika. Both of these CDs have 20 songs on them of very well recorded, but very strange sounding grindcore, with weird song structures, just really hard to get into, but worth it once you do. The songs are kinda long for this genre, 20 songs are 37 minutes long on Human Parade, but by Shapes Of Misery, the same amount is but 26 short minutes. Still kinda long, but better.

They are technically proficient, and have quiet a bit of metal influence, but they are a grind band. They have a split with Mumakil. I am not too big on this type of grind, but these guys take the fucking cake. I mean, holy shit, the speed is amazing, and the blast beats are literally non-stop.

The first one, Human Parade, its not as good as the second one, its slower, more melodies and less blasting, although the blasting is pretty much constant on that one as well, but the second one, Shapes Of Misery, man, non-stop blast. Seriously.
Lyrics are about human rights abuses, left wing political stuff, anarchism, apathy, protest, concentration camps, and fear of where the world is headed. I am always a taker for those kinds of lyrics, they are like a positive version of Ulcerrhoea's lyrics. Not bad, eh?

This is Human Parade.

This is Shapes Of Misery.

Also, I am gonna include some old shit I got off of some trades I made with a German guy back in 2001-2003. Since one of the two cmments on this blog invovled some displeasure about my goregrind post, I am gonna do the right thing and offer up a common point that all of us can agree on. That is Gore from Brazil, who are a dirty, filthy, distorted fucking mess of a gore band. I love the way this record sounds, and the fact that there are no polka riffs on it. Just blasts and garbled noise and nonsense. Also, long irritating intros. Almost a noisecore band in my opinion.
This is Consumed By Slow Decay.


2010. augusztus 19., csütörtök


So im just gonna post pictures of delicious buds. Smoking weed and listening to grindcore to me just go hand in hand, so I guess I am on topic. im a drummer though, so I never play high, I wait till after the gig or rehearsal. It has become so much a part of my life that I do not want to imagine life without it. Next post is gonna be full of grind, though, for all of you non-smokers, just skip this one.

Hype strain, apparently its just OG Skunk. They now call it cheese. Inaccurately named, doesnt taste, look or smell like cheese. Excellent weed, skunks are my favorite.
They usually use this weed to make hash, which is a total waste, cuz this shit is amazing. Afghan Kush.

Chronic. This shit is a big deal apparently, very mystified strain. Has a nice high to it, tastes like medicine.

Grew some of this shit, had a buck twenty on it. Northern Lights, a basic strain, really reliable, you can get used to it though. A friend of mine had it cosistently, it was much stronger than the shit I grew.

Chemo Grizzly. Used to get dime bags of this siht and smoke it in a boiler room, until we saw stars and felt like we were gonna pass out. Light green in color, strong distinctive taste and smell.

Almost grew this weed once. Kinda sad that I did not. Kush strain, lots of fun. Orange Kush.

The most average strain of all. If I had to pick one strain that has everything in it, it would have to be this one. Big Bud, from Canada.

Medical shit. This one is sour diesel, its good shit, clean high, lots of active cannabinols.

Original diesel. Tiny, autoflowering plants, really neat.

Great white. I knew a guy who had eighths of this shit, it was retardedly expensive, but it would fuck you up. Tastes piney.

This bud actually tastes sweet. Its called juicy fruit, and it is really good, nice light high, bred more for the smoking experience. My buddies would eat little flakes of this when we picked up, it annoyed the shit out of me.

Hindu kush. Kush strains are very kind, lots of fun, you can smoke em all day long.

Super silver haze. A big deal in the states, haze has a high unlike any other bud I have ever smoked. Its totally unique, very tangible, very, well, hazy. My friends favorite strain. Fells good, man.

A friend of mine grew this shit. Marci can attest, this weed is like a psychedelic. White Widow.

The best weed around. Super Skunk, I love you. This weed will make you sleep its so heavy. Very unkind.

Folks used to swear this was the best weed around. Its Jack Herrer, which is awesome weed, but I am more of a skunk guy. It is really physical, like you are doing drugs.

Kali mist. One of the best experiences of my life was smoking this shit on a rooftop in New York, I was very young, getting into grindcore, smoking a shit load of weed. I was in the beggining of a legacy that spawned bands, records, friends, court cases, and this blog.

This weed is too strong. This is called Durban Poison, it tastes really really strong, and it is like posion, makes you cough your ass off.

This skunk is so skunky it tastes like lemons. Its called citrus skunk, and its some good stuff.

Don know much about this weed, have never smoked it, but it looks pretty. Its called brainstorm, probably really heady like.

This bud smells almostlike garlic. It is too strong. Real fun to grow.

This is one of those holy grail weeds, called cinderella 99, its good stuff but way overrated. Looks like cotton candy, though.

This bud is called champagne, and its aweird one. Really nice high, makes you feel al good inside, makes the world seem jnreal. Great for social occasions, you could smoke this shit and then talk to your family, and they wont know a thing.

Blueberry. Really fruity weed.

2010. augusztus 5., csütörtök

A Study In Goregrind Using This Shitty Compilation As An Example

I am going to make this short, and as sweet as the Nebula Haze that is right above this caption. When asked if I like Goregrind, all I can do is kinda make a face, and say, "weeeeelll...."
Its not like I dont. Dead Infection are one of my favorite bands. I could listen to Last Days Of Humanity for an entire year, and then still go to a show of theirs (if they were playing shows outside of that one reunion gig in the Czech Republic). Ulcerrhoea's early demos give me a boner, and Gore from Brazil can, under the right circumstances, make me come.
However, everybody thinks that goregrind is Rompeprop, who fucking suck, CBT, who are boring, slow, and really a fucking polka band, any band with a drum machine (except Lymphatic Phlegm and Dysmenorrhic Haemorrhage) can kiss my motherfucking ass, and porno grind is, for the ,ost part, a bunch of bullshit, sissy ass 16 year olds who are bored, living in a western country with too much time and freedom on their hands, jerking off to the sickest internet websites money can buy. And money can buy some sick shit, as we all know.
That is where this ocmpilation comes in. It sucks. It deifinitively shows you what the state of goregrind is today. NO more Squash Bowels or Malignant Tumor, just drum machine bands, porno grind bands, and bands that generally sound like polka being played by the T-Rex from Jurassic Park. But wait...Pulmonary Fibrosis, a band that has always ruled, will always rule, and is one of the fastest, sickest grindcore bands around, is on this comp! And they play new tracks, something they never do. And wait, there is this other band on here, Magistral Flatulence, who although have porn intros, play 5 untitled tracks in 2 and a half minutes, and it is good. And that is what goregrind is like today. So the next time anyone asks "do you like goregrind" as much as bands like these two make me wanna say yes, and as much as the other 5 make me wanna say no, I can only go

2010. augusztus 4., szerda


So i forgot to update my megapost with this compilation. It features all of the good Hungarian bands that we, the blastbeat worship crew do not play in, including a bunch that have been mentioned on this site. It is from For Rent Records, which Marci is a part of, and am sure he will be pissed off that I am posting this, and includes bands like Another Way, Step On It, Nuclear Beast, Dance Or Die!!, PFA, Crippled Fox, Ninpulators, Rakosi, Iszonyat, Wasted Struggle, Dallas, and a shit load of others, like 22 bands or something. Styles range froma bunch of different kinds of hardcore and punk, from the very poppy, to blast beating brick shitting insanity, some of it is no good, some of it is absolutely awesome, some of it is a piece of dog shit. But with 22 or 23 bands, I forget, an awesome layout (2 A4 papers folded in half with xeroxed, hand drawn pictures of absurdist cartoons, covering an unmarked cd-r), and a note thanking you for listening to this crap, I think everyone can find something they like.
Handle business.

I also wanted to post this, i got it from the Damaging Noise blog, which is the best place for crust and noisecore, and that wonderful cross between the two, which is a great thing, particularly shit coming out of Finnland and Japan, and although this piece of noise-crust is coming out of Sweden, it makes most Japanese and Finnish ensembles look like a neocrust band. Their name is Brain Cancer. I know, right? How awesome is that, and why is there not a mincecore, or grind band which is called this? Unanswered mysteries of the universe. They lay down d-beat akin to Disclose, but more noiseier, and more chaotic, kinda like the more chaotic moments in Ruido De Odio, its total noise. In fact, thier demo is called Total Horrornoise Devastation, I know, when does the awesome stop? With this band, never. The only thing missing, and this is a big lack, are the blastbeats. But the comp makes up for that, and so this post does not become a blastbeat free post, but this demo is so awesome, I had to share it with all of you assholes. And you know, you really are assholes. No comments, which I dont mind, but then I find out folks I know are viewing this, and not even giving me a holler? Please.
Destroy your brain with noise.

2010. augusztus 3., kedd


I'm sorry, I didnt posted for a long time, cause i thought mark will sometime finish his megapost, so you guys will be infested with goods, and now there it is below this post.
i have traded/bought some nice new tapes and 7"s, if i get the chance, ill rip them.
lets dive in.

first of all this is a demo of LITTLE PRINCESS, an all-female grind band from san francisco. as i read on the net they split up, too bad. this is an EP from them, really nice stuff, short and pissed songs, i like the vocals and the guitar sound really much. the interludes like clapping, and a japanese woman talking are just adding more to the funny but really pissed off feeling somehow, in my opinion. song titles remember me of japanese hardcore bands like BREAKFAST and ROMANTIC GORILLA, which are awesome.

the second shit is from PETER MANGALORE. this is the reason why i love power violence. fast, pissed off as hell and straight forward. no bullshit, no talking between two songs about what you think, only a kick in the guts from the music. even the first song called 'disqualified as a human being' is already so fucked up and pissed it hurts. the sound is a bit sterile for me, and i dont like triggered drums, but its still awesome.

i have no good music left for a while, and cant write that much right now, but ill share some zines (sorry foreigners, only in hungarian), review them, and blahblahblah.

first of all is ANARCHISTA ÚJSÁG, which simply means 'anarchist newspaper'. ive got issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7, sorry no 6, although thats my favourite number. these zines were made in around 91/92. usually nice cut n paste style, i love the layout. the theme is - you've guessed it - anarchism, squatting, politics (mostly hungarian), blah. if you get the chance, find someone to translate it, its a nice zine.

next up is one of my favourite punk zine from hungary, SALAK (means something like 'waste'). it was made by bassists/vocalist of the almighty ANOTHER WAY, Gida. the zine is all cut n paste, about punk and faster music, some thoughts, reviews, etc. usual stuff, but it a really good style. check it.