2010. június 30., szerda

im 12, and what is this?

ok, tonight i have some ridicoulously awesome shit. portal. the australian one. sorta death metal, which i dont like, but this one is like HOLY FUCK.
familiar with lovecraft? the dude, who invented sci-fi horror, SCORROR (we disgussed this one with mark tonight). ever thought about what 'soundtrack' should have been in the lovecraftian universe? well, it must be something like this. call it 'avant-garde' or 'superprogressive experimental music' not even 'horrible noise', because its not just noise. its geniously written and played professional music. i cant even imagion how the writing process should be with such music. i dont know, heroin?

i always hated that typical scary-wannabe atmosphere that was in disneys cartoons, where the badguys lived, and i hated those fake-scary shit all happened there. well portal looks like that picture but with a lovecraftian shot. this look is amazing. scary as shit, and mysterious. and i love it. come on, his head is a fuckin hat. how awesome is that? wanna know whats more awesome?
this. now. i forgot what i wanted to say, but ill write it when im sober.
have an awesome night, like just i had. be sure to roll a spliff, turn off the light, listen to some portal through headphones, and read some lovecraft. enjoy.


and everything from lovecraft.

2010. június 24., csütörtök


everybody who is familiar with power violence knows what this word of expression was meant to be. when it came out it was the ultimate compilation, and it still is. it was released by the ultimate, the one and only chris fuckin dodge's (from spazz, lack of interest, despise you legend for you dumb fucks who dont know) label, SLAP-A-HAM records.

Bleeeaaaarghhhhh! was a compilation of compilations. it had 3 volumes, having every notable band from that time from every kinds of scenes and styles, but the aim and the message was the same. the aim was to have a lot of bands with songs less than a few seconds, fast as fuck ripping hardcore only. and the message was music war (as the 3rd Bleeeaaaarghhhhh!'s title said, the music war.)

download it, or i will never ever like you.


SO THIS POST WILL BE DEDICATED TO THE MUSIC GENRE I REALLY LOVE, POWER VIOLENZ. (caps lock is epic) hopefully ill make it a megapost, depends on my mood right now. hehe

kent brockman is from the simpsons. he reads the news. get it? btw this is some sweetass german pv, really well played, 2 songs only, really fast and agressive. nothing much more to say about. love it.

pv supergroup. has members of infest, no comment and lack of interest. what more should i say? one of the best pv releases!

i love this band. its mostly about getting high and listening to this shit. the title says all. its not that typical japanese spazzy pv stuff, its more 'mature' so to say, if i can say such thing in the term 'japanese hardcore'.

this one is a compilation with awesome bands like INFEST, DYSTOPIA, ASSHOLE PARADE, etc.etc.etc., i could list all of them, only big names, really good comp if youre getting into this kinda stuff or just love compilations with good bands.

i swear the vocals remind me of NAPALM DEATH. but the music is just plain simple, hardass power violence. really neet stuff, check it out if you dont know them yet. (sorry, no original artwork, but that pic of eddie is still awesome.)

now get high, and listen to some fast shit. thats an order.

most stuff taken from MINDGRINDER and some other blogs from the blogroll, thanks, you guys are awesome.


2010. június 23., szerda


Thank you Marci for that powerful, and also violent post. We all learned a lot.
So today, I am gonna do a special on this band, Ruido De Odio. They are a politically motivated noise-grind-hardcore band from Ecuador, not your hot bed for this genre, and what they do is simply friggin awesome. I do not have their entire discography, for they appear on several compilations, and have split tapes and rehearsals, as all true noise grind bands, and I just cannot get a hold of any of that shit. I have here their LP entitled Proletarios, and two splits, one of them with the amazing Japanese band D.I.E, and one of them with fellow noisenheimers (copyright Seanocide on that one) K.K.F form Germany. I guess they have a thing for bands who are acronyms. These three mighty recordings I will sharew with you, in the form of a smple mediafire link.
The "music" is fucking awesome, pure noisecore grind. I figure you might need it after all that classical shit on this blog, hahahahahaha. I don't think anyone ever reads these rants so I can say whatever I feel like. This band is primarily composed of lobsters. Sometimes their singer sounds like a robot. Most of the time, he sounds like an angry monkey who has his tail caught in something painful and evil, which is pretty crazy for a lobster. Also, I must follow Marci's orders, and get high, and listen to something fast.

2010. június 21., hétfő


oh and something else.
if you love stargate, well done.
if you dont, fuck you then.

every single STARGATE SG-1 episode.

soonish to come: the two dudes (us) behind the blog do a noisegrind band called CHAPPA'AI. our demo will be uploaded soon, hope yall like it.

cake. (i have no idea why i just said that.)
ps: my shades rule.


(check the sweetass insect warfare shirt on fitri on the left!!!)

just came home from a shitty but awesome gig from next street. ive seen FUTURE RUINS, which is massmörd, but with another name and was awesome. ive seen TOTALICKERS too, the best thing was they had members of VIOLENT HEADACHE, which is even more awesome. other bands who played was NYŰG ÉS SAVÓ, who sucked, but it was fun listening to, and my band, we sucked very hard. couldnt play single crossed out cover right.... never mind me, im a bit post-high&drunk.

so this post will be about a girl and three guys from singapour, who i became friends with last week. they came to the homecity of this blog, budapest. these guys are fuckin insane. they played their whole set so fast and intense, i couldnt believe it. oh and the most awesome surprise was that they played two insect warfare covers, including EVOLVED INTO OBLITERATION, which is a hymn or theme song for this blog... well kinda.

the 12", ABUSE is a pure straight ahead grindcore, no mercy, no bullshit. one guitar, one drumset and one vocalist. its my favourite grindcore band alive since insect warfare died. this record was released by earache, well yeah... but really awesome cover art!!!
the 7", BASTARDPHOBIC is a lot more goregrind influenced shit, with a lot of pitchshifted vocals, and riffs that reminds me of gorepolka. two really awesome records from the kings of grindcore from singapour.

i packed the full length and the EP to the same rar, sorry guys... and this video is their show in budapest (well, CSEPEL, to be exact.)

oh, and it was put up to badongo, mediafire wont work at my computer, dunno why :/

♥: marci.


2010. június 19., szombat

Other People's Shit, That I wish Were My Own

So, I was cruising the internets when I found some shit that needs to be posted as other people's shit. It is from this blog, which is not yet on our blog roll, but will most likely be before you read this entry. I keep on finding new and awesome shit all over the place, with some blogs having just one or two albums or EPs, or even demos that I want, and I must say, it is making me super pleased. It is pleasing me.
The music on here is the awesome Wakenn Karole Romanoff, who rule, and this is their demo, and also their split with Rob Berdella, which cover I supplied ever so graciously, at the header. It is really fucking filthy hardcore, power violence if you will, realy friggin fast, and it is just music that feels so right when you hear it, like, yeah, this is what it should sound like, if its gonna be like this, and if its not sounding like this, why make it like this? I dunno if that made sense, but its awesome. The sound quality is again a bit mysterious, but I like it. I like this sort of sound quality. It is lo-fi but not too much, just enough where you cannot hear everything, but it enhances everythign that is happening. It sounds organic, alive, gritty, stinking, messed up, not overly noisy like some Japanese hardcore or crasher crust, and not an intentional bedroom recording either. They wanted to make it sound good, not too fancy, and that is what they did. I really like the way the songs are written too, a little bit like Short Hate Temper, short songs, fast as fuck. I think you get the idea.

Its fucking good.

To speak further of sound quality that is raw and delightful, one of my all time favorite bands, Entrails Massacre, are totally like that. This is Their split with Subcut, a classic by all means. Got it off a tarde on the internet, never even saw a copy of it. How sad is that? I don't feel like its other peoples shit, cuz it was a trade, and I fell in love with it so hard, I used to listen to the Entrails Massacre side everyday when I would get high, so I heard it a great deal. This is not my rip, but one that is much cooler, with inlay and all that shit. I am almost certain that I got it from Keep The Grindcore Alive. Which is one of the best places on earth. If I could, I would move there.
Entrails Massacre play grindcore, whaever anyone might say. Its abit soulful, much more so than other siht I like, but its really aggressive, and the vocals are still really good on this one. They are good later on too, but not this good. The guitars sound all out of tune, and they make each riff totally unique, the sound on this album is also totally unique, this is one of the prime examples of how a grindcore record should sound. The first song has to be the best thing to get high too.
The Subcut side is also really good, hyperblasting, raw as fuck political grindcore that is pissed and typically South American, but it just pales in comparisson. If this were a split with any other band during any other era, they would be the standout. But the yget owned, as tghis is one of those rare times when a band out does not just itself, but just happens to make that one record that is so good it just makes most other things look weak in comparrison.

You know you want to hear it after that rant.

I also wt to congratualte myself, as this is the firts time that I only wrote about the music. This will be kept to a minimum. Butt I could not help it, and this is long enough for now. When I get my vinyl ripping in order, it is over for you guys, though.

2010. június 18., péntek

So for some reason I cannot embed videos on here. So you just have to take my word for it, these vids are fucking awesome, really high quality, really dank, from a club in Zenta, Serbia called Zeppelin. It is our good friends form Jack and Another Way, who now share a drummer, the amazing Mr. Bandi. I know Hungary was never known for its high quality grindcore,but that is changing fast, and I am really fucking glad. It is good to finally hear my countrymen play something outside of drunken street punk, oi!, and straight edge hardcore. Not hating on any of that shit, but I like grind more than anything, and so far thats been the only thing that was even half decently, or half regularly played.

So this is one of the Jack classics, "Ezt Veri Belénk A Média". It means, "This is what the media forces on us", literally it means, this is what the media beats into us. But thats justa turn of phrase. How do you turn a phrase?

This is another Jack classic, real old song, called "Vissza Ki Az Utcára". It means, "Back to the streets", real hip-hop shit going on with that one.

This is Another Way's set. In my humble opinion, they are the best band to play in Hungary currently. What do they play? They call it fastcore, but it's moore like grind, I guess, it's totally unique, fast as fuck, grind-hardcore oriented shit. We really gotta come up with a name for this shit. Its sort fo melodic, but not in the Tragedy clone band sort of way, its fuckin fast, its brutal, but not in the death metal sort fo way, its kinda technical, but remains fucking hardcore. You have to hear ti. Better than your bands, for sure. Check it.

This one is a new one from Jack, I have not heard it yet, its called "Szolgaságból Szolgaságba".

2010. június 13., vasárnap

Conspiracy Theories I

So I will, from time to time, be doing pieces on conspiracy theories. First,a s if to disambiguate, I wanna mention what I would call a conspiracy theory. A theory, in science, or religion or whereever else you might have theories, is always an idea that is derived from the facts presented on a certain issue, and generally can be explained from the facts themselves. It is the facts that are used as evidennce to suggest the soundness of the theory.

I want to present the theories themselves, and then take a look at the facts that they are derived from, and see if they are sound. Sometimes they are, and sometimes, they are not, but whenever they are, they move from the realms of conspiracy theory, to conspiracy fact.

Today, I want to talk about secret societies, everybodies favorite conspiracy of all time. The theory is that they are plotting to form a one world gonvernment, that they control every aspect of the United States government, the banking industry, the UN, the stockmarket, basically every position of power. The oldest and most noted of these secret societies, the one that all of the other ones either belong to, are a sect of, or model themselves after, are the Freemasons. It is very easy to build theories areound these types of institutions, since secrecy is a part of their policy. They remain secret on purpose, doing things, as a matter of principle, covertly. It is all too easy to generate theories with folks like these, so let's look at some facts.
Obviously, you cannot prove or disprove that the Freemasons covertly control the world. For that, you would have to BE the world. What we can prove is this; every American president has been a Freemason, not to mention that every single person who signed the Declaration Of Independence was also a member. So the Founding Fathers of the most warlike, and right now most powerful nation on earth were all Freemasons, and their successive representatives, the Presidents of the United States were in fact masons. George Bush and Bill Clinton talk about this openly, on television, along with senator Kerry, Donald Rumsfeld, Chenney, and a whole host of others.
If that in and of itself, that all of the leaders of government and politics all belong to the same club, which satrted as a mystic society in the Renaissance, and has its roots much further back, does not strike you as the least bit odd, than you are naive.
Not to say that everything is under control. But you must notice that this is one very powerful force, that on principle works in secret. That, to me, is very disturbing, and I do not believe that people who are part foa secret society like that should be allowed to build governments and empires, becazuse we cannot know their true purpose. At this point, we are being controlled by a secret government. To what extent and in what ways, we can only guess at.

On that super depresisve note, here is some super depressive music. Ulcerrhoea, again, and get sued ot it, they will be back on this blog, I have like all of their shit. This is my rip of their CD, entitled Line and Row, and it is one of the best things to ever happen to grindcore. Nohting like their demos, this is straight up crust-grind, with super short, super negative songs, about problems we all face, like the earth dying, people being turned into commodities, industrailization killing what little bit of humanity we had left after the 40s. Great stuff, get it here.

The other thing I wanted to post is the first bit of real, actual metal that will be posted on this site. It is the Funerary Pit demo tape, as far as I know nothing else of theirs exists. This demo is perfect, however, it has everything that makes black thrash good, insane lyrics, solid as fuck mid-tempo blast beats, and clever metal riffing. It is really fucking thrashy, so you might like it even if you do not like black metal. Give it a go.

2010. június 10., csütörtök

Obscure Grindcore Demo Tapes

Hello there folks. For the first time in the short and amuzing history of this blog, I will rant about things that are actually going to be part for the post. I want to say a few words about format. For different kinds of music, there are different formats which fit it best. This is totally obvious, and while most people just geek out on vinyl, or use mp3s, which I am cool with, many of us do not take the time to appreciate tapes. And not just tapes, mind you. Demo tapes. Tapes with a lot os songs on them, not all of which are noted on the sleeve. Tapes that have been hand made from other tapes, presumably from a different genre. Tapes that have a black and white, xeroxed cover, bu no information about the band, or the bands lyrics on there. Tapes that have sound quality so outrageous, so insanely bad, so extremely fucked up, that folks would not even release it on any other format.

The tape hiss is something that can conceal or enhance the listening experience. I personally love it, and it adds a dimension of mystery and depth to the music I already love. My cohort Marci has a tape distro, for this very reason. We are obsessed with tapes. Me especially, grindcore demo tapes, like the Violent Headache Pychoneurosis split, which I have not posted yet. Any sort of music that builds on noise as a factor should use this format, because of the obvious advantages of the format. Unlike a CD or an mp3, where everything is clean cut and obvious, this format allows for more shade. That's why I have left most of these as side by side rips, and have included track by track, or semi-track by track rips of the sides as well. Not to mention the sleeves. Now, after having done so, tell me, who loves you?

This is the Lo-Fi Or Die Comp that I have been sweating so much. The track list does not match the actual recorded material that is on it. Classic obscure grind move. So only side A has been taken apart trak by track. Standouts no this are Rust, SMG, and of course, Sakatat.


The next two are demo tapes of a German band called Ulcerrhoea. They are absolutely awesome and once I get my vinyl ripping apparatus set up, you will hear of them more frequently, as I have almost all of their 7" material. As most really good grindcore bands, they started out playing gore grind, which these two tapes are, but with a political edge, and really, really negative lyrics. Just about consumer society, apathy, hopelessnes, armageddon, human stupidity, oppression, police control, etc. Later on they started playing basically just crust-grind, but more with a old school grind approach. One of the best bands ever.